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At Colonic Care, we provide you with a safe and effective colon cleanse treatment that will make you feel better and enjoy a healthier digestive system. Our Colon Hydrotherapy and Colon Irrigation clinic in Melbourne is designed to help you complete your colon cleanse while removing the build-up of waste and toxins. Visit our colon care clinic today and get safe and gentle colon treatments.
We welcome you to our colon care centre. We ensure you that our treatments are completely safe and provide effective results. Warm filtered water is infused into your colon, this process is done to remove toxic wastes from your body and improve the health of your colon.

Get the best Colon Care Treatment in a Comfortable and Hygienic Environment.

Looking for colonics in Melbourne? Colonic Care provides you with a range of health benefits that are suitable for men and women of all ages.
At Colonic Care, we provide a gentle way to detox with our colon care treatment. Whether you need colonic irrigation in Melbourne , holistic care or infrared sauna, an impeccable experience awaits you.



At Colonic Care we offer Colonic Irrigation (Also known as Colon Hydrotherapy), a therapy in which toxins in the intestinal tract are removed by flushing water through the colon.
Learn MoreColonic irrigation is an effective way to start with your cleansing program. The therapy is done to hydrate your colon and remove the accumulated toxins.

Holistic CAre

Our Holistic Care Practitioners are multimodality trained therapists that are here to guide you holistically through any health challenge you may be facing.
Learn MoreWe are so much more than what we eat; we are also a result of what we think, feel and do. It is all about creating sustainable life changes that lead us in the direction of good health and living our dreams. These therapist have been on the frontline of holistic treatment for decades.
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Infrared sauna allows your body to cleanse naturally by releasing toxins as you sweat. Book in a session today to experience the incredible healing benefits of this relaxing therapy.

Safe and effective colon cleanse treatments that will make you feel better and enjoy a healthier digestive system.

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