Colonics For Weight Loss​

Here at Colonic Care Melbourne, we often get asked the question “Will Colonics help me lose weight?
Although colonic irrigation does not directly help you burn fat – The answer is YES, it can help with weight loss! And here is why!
1. The average person with a “normal bowel” can store anywhere between 3-5 kgs of fecal matter in the gut – Colonic Irrigation helps clear the gut, getting rid of the heavy build up. 
2. Parasites breed inside our digestive tract. Parasites make us crave sugar and rich food. Colonics help the body clear parasites, reducing cravings for rich, fatty or sugary foods.
Colonics For Weight Loss
Colonics Weight Loss
3. One of the first things people notice when doing colonics is that their stomach looks and feels flatter – may not exactly be “weight loss” – but you will definitely look like you have lost weight.
4. Colonics hydrate the body making it easier for you to exercise for longer.
5. When you commit to yourself and to your body with a series of colonics you are more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan.
To see serious and lasting results for weight loss with Colonic Irrigation – we recommend that you do 10 colonics within 30 days, drink a truck tonne of water and follow a healthy eating plan. We stock a book called The easy guide to a Clean and Lean Body by Sue Stott which we highly recommend you incorporate to your sessions for amazing results.

At Colonic Care we have a package specifically designed for clients that would like to lose weight in combination with their colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Physical: Help balance weight and appetite in a healthy and sustainable manner.
Mental/Emotional: letting go of things that are weighing you down, slowing you down, holding you back
Spiritual: self sabotage, not believing that you are worthy/deserve everything your heart desires
Includes: Herbal Appetite Suppressant, 5 point detox, Protein Powder,, Enema Kit, Enema Coffee, Unlimited Kangen Water, a Colonic Care Drink Bottle and a copy of Sue’s Cookbook. Also includes a free EMS/Fat Cavitation Session with Linda.
5 Step Protocol:
1. 10 Colonics (with ozone and coffee enemas) within 30 days
2. Herbal Appetite Suppressant and 5 point detox daily as directed
3. Water and coffee enemas at home as often as possible in between appointments
4. Drink plenty of water (2 – 4ltrs per day)
5. Replace 1-2 meals a day with a protein shake and follow dietary recommendations from Sue’s book.
Whatever your goals are we are confident that our team of experts at Colonic Care can help you reach them. To speak to someone about doing our HEALTHY WEIGHT ACTION PACK fill in the form below and we will be in touch asap or BOOK ONLINE or call us direct on 0458 810 229

Safe and effective colon cleanse treatments that will make you feel better and enjoy a healthier digestive system.

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