Colonics for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

For sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – life can be extremely crappy. When your gut isn’t working properly simple things like enjoying a meal can be an absolute nightmare:
  • Constipation & Diarrhea 
  • Bloating & Gas 
  • Food intolerances & Headaches
  • Even skin issues​
… can all be symptoms of IBS.
Colonics for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Excuse the pun …. But at Colonic Care we are experts at getting to the bottom of your digestive issues. We have years of experience dealing with clients who have been suffering from IBS.

From a natural health perspective IBS happens for 2 reasons: 

  • Fecal build up – even though you may not be constipated – the body can hold up to 5kg of fecal matter in the colon. – this starts to rot and ferment over time providing the perfect environment for parasites that have nasty symptoms
  • Parasitic infection – yep we all have them – yeasts, bacteria, worms and more – we need to strip the gut back and clean out all the places where parasites can grow.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)​

At Colonic Care we have a package specifically designed for clients with IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, constant bloating and food intolerances. 

Physical: For clients who want to reset their gut and eliminate symptoms of IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, constant bloating and food intolerances.
Mental /Emotional: Letting go of all the old shit that is holding you back. Releasing things that get in the way and create a block that is preventing you from achieving your goals. Becoming “stronger” , more “toned” and “flexible” – physically and mentally.
Spiritual: Transforming the way we move through life, handle stress and “digest” the world around us. Opening up our channel to spiritual growth and awareness.
Includes: Qenda Ultimate Fibre, 5 point detox, Body Balance, Enema Kit, Probiotic Enema Blend, Unlimited Kangen Water, a Colonic Care Drink Bottle and a copy of Sue’s Cookbook.
5 Step Protocol:
1.10 Colonics (with ozone and coffee enemas) within 30 days
2. Qenda Ultimate Fibre, 5 point detox, and Body Balance daily as directed
3. Water and probiotic blend enemas at home as often as possible in between appointments
4. Drink plenty of water (2 – 4ltrs per day)
5. Follow dietary recommendations from Sue’s book.
Here a testimonial from one of our clients who did out Colonics for IBS Program 

“Since working with Cindy and her team my gut has never felt better – My IBS was so bad that there were days where I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to leave the house because I was going to need to be close to a bathroom all day. It was debilitating. During the cleanse I couldn’t believe how much “stuff” came out of me. I am a very healthy person (and i wasn’t really a big eater due to my gut issues) – but OMG the cleanse helped me pass some stuff that honestly looked like it had been stuck inside of me for a lifetime. My stomach went from looking 6 months pregnant to flatter than ever and now I can eat normally and not have to worry about any horrible aftermath. I can honestly say that the Colonic Care IBS Program changed my life – I would recommend it to anybody suffering from IBS” – Marcelle 

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Safe and effective colon cleanse treatments that will make you feel better and enjoy a healthier digestive system.

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