Colonics for Parasite Cleansing

Many people find it hard to believe that their body is full of parasites. — Here at Colonic Care we have seen enough poop to know that parasites are just a fact of life. People worm their kids, worm their pets … but then somehow think that they are immune to getting a parasite.

There are several different types of parasites

  • Bacteria – that overgrows in the gut – often known as SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) – these cant been “seen” in a colonic but we can often tell they are there when people experience a lot of gas in their sessions)
  • Yeast – candida and blastocystis – this looks like white, yellow and orange mucous in the tube during your colonics (really old and severe candida infections look like undigested grains of rice in your colonic)
  • Liver Flukes – super common and look like bits of undigested tomato or mushroom in your colonic
  • WORMS – yep – worms – we’ve all got them. – you get them from eating animal products – particularly meat, fish and eggs.
types of Parasite
Colonics for Parasite Cleansing ​

Symptoms of parasites are:

  • Irritability & Insomnia
  • Sugar cravings & Bloating
  • Food intolerances & Digestive problems, including unexplained constipation, diarrhea, or persistent gas
  • Skin issues, including unexplained rashes, eczema, hives, and itching & Muscle and joint pain
  • Never feeling full, even after eating a big meal, constant hunger, even when you are eating enough & Grinding your teeth during sleep
  • Iron deficiency anemia (lab tests show abnormally low iron level) & Unexplained feelings of anxiety
  • Recurrent yeast infections & Itching of the anus or vagina

At Colonic Care we have a package specifically designed for clients that would like to do a parasite cleanse.

Physical: Clear the body of worms and candida. Get rid of parasitic symptoms like sugar and junk food cravings, bloating, grumbly tummy and itchy bum.
Mental/Emotional: Release irritability, anxiety and mood swings
Spiritual: Let go of lower frequencies and vibrations, rid your reality of parasitic relationships and energetic vampires.
Includes: Parastroy, Candaplex, Triplex, Enema kit, Enema Coffee, Unlimited Kangen Water, a Colonic Care Drink Bottle and Clean and Lean Bodies by Sue Stott.
5 Step Protocol:
1. 10 Colonics (with ozone and coffee enemas) within 30 days
2. Parastroy, Candaplex and Triplex as directed
3. Water and coffee enemas at home as often as possible in between appointments
4. Drink plenty of water (2 – 4ltrs per day)
5. Follow dietary recommendations from Sue’s book.
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