Colonics for Liver Detox

At Colonic Care we have a package specifically designed for clients who want to detox their Liver.

Physical: For those who are feeling sluggish, have slow digestion, food intolerances, headaches and migraines. Those wanting to reset the body after periods of drug, pharmaceutical or alcohol consumption. Support people who have fatty liver, liver spots or gallbladder issues. For those wanting to reduce puffiness and get brighter skin and eyes.
Mental/Emotional: Letting go of suppressed anger, rage and frustration, resetting a fresh start. 
Spiritual: When the liver energy is congested, an individual can experience depression, defensiveness, irritability, or discouragement. When these emotional states become chronic, we become ”emotionally toxic,” and the liver’s normal capacity to process toxins starts to decline.
Includes: Liver Herbs, Greens, Liver Plex, Enema Kit, Enema Coffee, Unlimited Kangen Water, a Colonic Care Drink Bottle and a copy of Sue’s Cookbook.
5 Step Protocol: 
  1. 10 Colonics (with ozone and coffee enemas) within 30 days
  2. Liver herbs, Greens and LiverPlex daily as directed
  3. Water and coffee enemas at home as often as possible in between appointments
  4. Drink plenty of water (2 – 4ltrs per day)
  5. Follow dietary recommendations from Sue’s book.
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