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Improve your overall health with colon hydrotherapy from Colonic Care in Melbourne, Victoria. Using top-of-the-line equipment, we eliminate old waste and toxins from your digestive tract. Colonic Irrigation is ideal for people who have problems with digestion or anyone who wants to have a cleaner colon.

What is Colonic Irrigation or Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy is referred to as Colonics or Colon Irrigation. These are names for hydrotherapy which uses water for inner cleansing. Colon Hydrotherapy is clean and relaxing.
A soothing flow of purified warm water is instilled gently into the colon through a disposable rectal nozzle, (“size-of-a-pencil”). The small rectal nozzle is easily inserted to cleanse (evacuate) the contents of your lower colon.
Your dignity is always maintained. The system is designed to allow evacuation of the contents of the colon during the administration of colon hydrotherapy. The procedure is comfortable and may be operated in privacy for those who prefer solitude.
A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems. By stripping down the old toxic mucus lining from the colon, we remove the number one source of disease in the body. In addition, we open up the bowel to a more efficient means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption, both of which are essential to any lasting healing process.
This is also the first step towards strengthening and normalizing the bowel so that friendly bacteria return to the colon and as a result, keep it safe from putrefaction and other auto-intoxication.

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

  1. Relieves constipation so toxic waste is not redistributed into the blood
  2. Removes mucoid plaque build-up on colon walls inhibiting absorption
  3. Removes intestinal parasites from colon
  4. Hydrates the body; 70% of the water you drink is absorbed by the colon
  5. Detoxifies the body; water ingested in colon hydrotherapy baths the entire inner organs and organ system washing away toxins
Effective and Natural Solutions for all health challenges including:

Digestive Complaints – Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS),

Inflammatory conditions, Parasite Infestation, Inflammation, Skin Problems Such as Eczema and Acne, Allergies, Depression and Anxiety, Headaches and Migraines,

Weight Problems, Fatigue and Lethargy

Colon Hydrotherapy benefits the colon in three major ways:

Cleansing enables the body to absorb nutrients, heal quicker, allow supplements and natural foods to be more effective, boost immune response, eliminate fatigue, improve mental clarity, as well as clear skin and reduce weight.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The colon is long as you are tall, and if you have had 25 years (or more) to build up waste on the inside it will probably take more than one session to get it all out.
It’s going to take AT LEAST 6 sessions for the cleansing effects to even start to reach the entire length of the large intestine.
That said, for those who are serious about transforming their health, 10 sessions are recommended. The sessions must be done close together to allow the cleanse to progress further along the large intestine.

How Much Does it Cost?

Implants Enhance Elimination!



  • Chlorophyll Implant
    Soothing, deodorizing, softening of built up material, removes gases, feeds friendly flora in the colon.
  • Mineral Salt Implant
    Provides the body with essential minerals
  • Coffee Implant 
    Stimulates the liver and colon to let go of toxic waste. The implant allows you to deep cleanse.
  • Diatomaceous Earth and Activated Charcoal Implants 
    Draws toxins 40 times its weight.  Especially helpful when coming down with a cold or flu.  Also helps remove radiation from the body. Use after X-ray exposure.  Also beneficial when used with Aloe Vera.
  • Aloe Vera Implants
    Very healing when inflammation or intestinal ulcers are a problem.  Helps remove radiation from the body.  Use after X-ray exposure.
  • Iron Implant 
    A natural alternative for clients low in iron that doesn’t cause constipation
  • Vitamin C Implant 

Frequently asked Questions

Here is our list of frequently asked questions about Colonics! Enjoy. Feel free to submit a question below if you would like us to add it to our list.
For those who have IBS or know somebody with irritable bowel syndrome, you know will know it’s the doctors way of saying “we don’t know what’s going on with your digestive system, and there’s not much we can do to help”. Which can be really really frustrating!! Now IBS is different for everyone, some people with IBS get chronic constipation, some people get chronic diarrhea, some people get a combination with both. Quite often is associated with bloating as well, and these are digestive symptoms that can really interrupt your life, and stop you from doing the things that you want, or going where you’d like to go, or eating the foods that you want to eat. I have found over the years by combining colonic irrigation with some herbal parasite cleanses, we’ve been able to give the digestive tract a really good clean out, and get rid of any fecal matter that is stuck in the pockets along the sides of the colon or that has been sitting in the colon festering and becoming a breading ground for parasites and bacteria. These parasites and bacteria can cause a whole bunch of different problems, and I’ve found that when people have colonic irrigation sessions and take parasite cleansing herbs at the same time they get relief from the IBS that they’ve had for many years.
Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and this is something relatively new that people have been getting diagnosed with to explain what is happening in the digestive system. For people with SIBO pretty much eating or drinking anything can cause a lot of bloating and a lot of discomfort. The way it’s being explained is there’s too much bacteria populating in the small intestine. Bacterial colonies tend to go out of wack when we have a build up of waste in the body. Parasites and Bacteria feed on this waste and can cause havoc in our system. Kind of like  filthy compost bin. We get this overgrowth of bacteria when the conditions outside our body are not optimal for healthy digestion — and our bodies aren’t optimized for digestion because of the build up and overgrowth. So it’s like a vicious cycle that keeps repeating. Bhaving colonic irrigation and cleaning out the digestive tract properly, we can help reset the inside of our body and really get those bacterial colonies under wraps so it isn’t something that always needs to be treated with antibiotics, there are other ways and other solutions that help combat SIBO. If this is something you are suffering with and  you are looking for some more information or perhaps a different way of dealing with it, get in touch with the clinic today and we’ll have a chat to you about SIBO.


Yes! Children can do colonics.

The tube we use is so small and noninvasive that is suitable for children of all ages.

The youngest client we’ve ever had in the clinic was 4. Children come in with their parent or guardian, the adult fills in the form and can assist the child with inserting the tube if needed. (usually if  the child over the age of 5 or 6 they just pop them in themselves)

It’s a very small tube and it only goes in a cm or two so most kids don’t find it much of a hassle at all.

Once they are seated on the machine, they are covered with a blanket and lay back on a pillow. Once they are used to the sensation most of them will either read a book or play on their iPhone or iPad and they enjoy the treatments just as much as us adults do.

You do.

It’s very straight forward and your therapist will explain the easiest way to do it.

The tube is about the size of a drinking straw and only enters the base of the rectum a few cms.

In very rare cases where clients have mobility issues the therapist can assist if needed. However, most people prefer the privacy of self insertion.

For your first appointment leave 90min. 

this gives you time to find the clinic, fill in a form and have a really good chat to your therapist about what is happening in your gut.  

From there, the therapist will show you the equipment and explain how everything works. 

Once you are settled and the treatment has started you will be on the machine for about 45 minutes. 

Sometimes people finish up a little earlier if they feel “done” or sometimes people need a little longer than 45min,  and that’s ok too. 

In terms of how many sessions you will need. Everyone is different but for a full colon clear out we recommend 10 sessions within 30 days. It may sound like a lot but your colon is 2 meters long and can store kgs and kgs of waste matter. So people get best results and feel amazing when they do 10 in 30.  

Best way to find out how many sessions you need is to talk to your colon hydrotherapist.  



For best results, The closer the better. This makes sure the colon doesn’t have time to clog up again and the treatment will go higher and clear out more waste with each session.

The rule of thumb is no more than 4 days apart. However if you are feeling strong and healthy it is perfectly fine to have sessions several days in a row. 

Your therapist will know what’s best for you so have a chat to them during your treatment.  

Because shit happens!!

People work, traffic sucks and many people also have family commitments. 

To make sure you can commit to the 10 sessions in 30 days we are available for appointments 6am – 11pm everyday. 

Nothing! – you can just come as you are. We also take walk ins – so if you are in the area and want to give colonics a go, rest assured you can just come on down. 

Some clinics suggest fasting or drinking fresh juice, tea etc. – it’s good, but not necessary. You will get results either way, 

It’s great to make sure you are drinking plenty of clean filtered water before, during and after  your appointment – so that’s what i usually tell people when they ask what they can do before their appointment.

The average person should be drinking 4 litres per day, 

If there is a question that you would like answered, send it to us below and we will answer it ASAP.
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