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Laxatives for Constipation: The Dangers of Long Term Use

Besides these, a colonic cleanse can help in weight management, improve fertility, and maintain the pH balance in the bloodstream. The gentle massage of a hydrotherapist can help reshape the colon back to its original healthy state. For people experiencing gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive issues, their colon may be misshaped, and prone to waste buildup. Colonic irrigation supports digestive health and improves overall health. Gut health impacts a great portion of our overall health. Hence, we must look after our gut health for holistic well-being. A colonic cleanse is a safe and effective method to support gut health. Contact us today to learn more about colonic irrigation.

Constipation can be uncomfortable and painful. It can cause cramps in the abdomen and make you feel bloated or sick. Changing your lifestyle, especially diet, can help prevent and relieve constipation. Nevertheless, some people depend on laxatives for instant relief.

Laxatives have chemicals that help improve bowel movement and stool motility, relieving temporary constipation. But when overused or misused, they can lead to chronic constipation.

Each type of laxative works in different ways. Its effectiveness varies from person to person. Generally, bulk-forming laxatives (fibre supplements) are gentle on the body and the safest to use for the long term. Among the common types of laxatives include:

Bulk-forming laxatives – They add “soluble fibre” to the stool, causing the stool to absorb more water. This kind of laxative creates a larger, softer stool that helps prompt normal intestinal muscle contraction. Although this laxative is generally safe, it may cause itching, skin rash, difficulty swallowing and breathing, and intestinal blockage. You may also experience bloating, gas or stomach pain. Drink plenty of water or fluids while taking bulk-forming laxatives to prevent the risk of side effects.

Osmotic and Hyperosmolar Laxatives – These laxatives draw fluids into the intestines from the surrounding tissues. More fluid in the bowel results in softer stools for easy movement. It is important to drink plenty of water with these laxatives to improve their effectiveness and decrease the possibility of gas and cramps. They take 2 or 3 days to work. Osmotic and hyperosmolar laxatives are available as a caplet, enema, liquid or suppository.

Lubricant laxatives – This type of laxative coats the surface of stools and intestinal lining to retain moisture and easy bowel movement. It prompts rhythmic contractions of intestinal muscles to get rid of the stool.

Stimulant Laxatives – When you need immediate relief, this laxative does the job. It stimulates the lining of the intestine, for faster bowel movement. This type of laxative also improves a stool’s hydration. Stimulant laxatives can be taken as tablets, chewable, liquids, and suppositories. They take 6 to 12 hours to work. Among the side effects of this stimulant include cramping and diarrhea. Stimulant laxatives may weaken your natural’s ability to defecate.

Side Effects of Laxatives:

Laxatives may interrupt our ability to absorb nutrients and some medications. They may lead to an electrolyte imbalance, especially after prolonged use. When you have an electrolyte imbalance, you may feel abnormal heart rhythms, weakness, confusion and seizures.

Regular use of laxatives can cause grave and irreversible damage as they stimulate the nerve endings in the colon, impairing your ability to have satisfying bowel movements.

If your constipation is caused by a serious condition, using laxatives may not be a wise idea. Prolonged use can decrease your colon's ability to contract, which can worsen constipation. As mentioned, laxatives work differently depending on the person.

Best Natural Laxatives:

Most of the time, constipation goes away on its own and doesn’t require treatment. You can make changes in your diet and overall lifestyle to prevent, treat and manage temporary constipation.

Make sure that you consume fibre-rich foods such as bran, oats, grains, and fruits. They are also good in relieving constipation related to certain medications or digestive issues like IBS. Probiotics are live, beneficial bacteria that improve the gut microbiome. The gut microbiome is the good bacteria in the intestine that regulates inflammation, digestion, immune function, and heart health. A few of the sources of probiotics include kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and tempeh. There are also probiotic supplements available.

Besides following a healthy diet, drinking enough fluids can also help stimulate the bowel and manage temporary constipation. Moreover, a regular workout is a great way to prevent constipation.

Repairing the conventional laxative damages:

The nerve endings in the colon can be impaired with prolonged laxative use. They are less able to stimulate the intestinal muscles to contract. Nevertheless, regular colonic irrigation colon hydrotherapy AKA colonic cleanse can reactivate the intestinal muscles and re-train them over time, encouraging regular bowel movement. Colonic cleanse is a safe and effective method that involves flushing the colon with gallons of water. It is an effective and safe procedure for people with stomach issues. A certified colonic hygienist performs the procedure to flush out the toxins and other waste materials surrounding the colon. Colon cleanse can improve muscle tone and restore the gut-brain connection. Doing this procedure can also improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins.

The Bottomline:

It is often possible to improve constipation symptoms without using laxatives. Lifestyle changes especially on your diet can significantly prevent and treat constipation. Regular use of laxatives can affect the nerve endings of your colon, affecting their ability to trigger a bowel movement. Getting colonic irrigation from a reliable clinic can provide relief from temporary constipation. At Colonic Care, we carry out several health-renewing procedures to increase overall health. We have state-of-the-art equipment, professional staff, and a modern facility to provide you with the most comfortable experience. Contact us today to learn more.


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