Colon Hydrotherapy in Melbourne

Do You Feel Bloated, Lethargic or Constipated?

At Colonic Care, we have the perfect solution for you and invite you to experience Colon Hydrotherapy benefits at our Colon care centre in Melbourne.

Colon Hydrotherapy is also known as Colon irrigation and is designed to give your gut health and overall vitality a boost.

Safe and gentle, Colon Hydrotherapy works in removing the build-up of toxins and rejuvenates muscles that have been weakened. By cleansing the colon and exercising the colon muscles, clients report feeling healthier and lighter.

To help you discover a healthier version of yourself, we recommend Colon Hydrotherapy for weight loss.

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Your colon is an important part of the large intestine that eliminates wastes and helps absorb water and minerals from food. Accumulation of waste in the colon can result in congestion and toxin build-up leading to a hoard of health issues. The gentle filling and emptying action of water breaks the waste-pockets and restores the natural state of the colon.

Colon hydrotherapy is a holistic healing treatment that removes toxins and old waste from your colon through cleansing. Purified water is made to flow through a nozzle (size of a pencil) inserted into the rectum. The water alternating between warm and cool is used to flush your gut gently to release the toxins and old compacted waste that lines your gut system. The gentle pulsation removes gas, mucus, and faecal matter. Colon hydrotherapy strengthens the colon muscles and improves peristaltic activities, thus helping in pushing the waste out.  It is an effective treatment that cleanses your digestive tract, removes toxins and improves bowel movement.

What can I expect from Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is an alternative treatment that assists your body to overcome several colon-related issues like severe constipation. It helps to flush out the old waste and toxins from the large intestine thoroughly. After undergoing colon hydrotherapy, the bowel walls are re-toned, the digestive tract is cleansed, and toxins lined up in the fat tissue get removed. It leads to a flatter tummy, weight loss and healthier gut.

Clients have reported these benefits of Colon hydrotherapy:

  • By reducing toxins in the body – clients report increased vitality and energy.
  • By eliminating metabolic waste – clients report  improved metabolic function.
  • By alleviating stress and anxiety – Clients report decreased emotional eating.
  • Clients say that it has helped them  incorporate healthy eating habits because they feel more motivated and clearer
  • Clients often report substantial weight loss over a series of treatments

Colonic Care provides a safe and professional environment for you to experience Colonics and all the amazing results for your health and well-being.

Many Clients say that Colon Hydrotherapy is their secret weapon for weight loss.

Colon Hydrotherapy Weight Loss

The average person has 3-5kg of fecal matter sitting in the colon at any given time. Those who experience gut problems – likely have more. Colon Hydrotherapy removes waste from the colon by gently flushing it out with water. There is a consequential weight loss, but not fat loss. Colonics combined with infrared saunas can help with weight loss and also fat loss. This is why we recommend packages with both Colonics and Infrared Saunas.  The colon carries lots of compacted waste and the fat cell has stored toxins in them. As the Infrared Saunas break down the fat cells, the Colonics can help flush out the toxins released into the lymphatic system. Additionally, all the compacted waste which is not removed due to inefficient bowel movements gets flushed out, which will easily amount to a few kilos of your body weight. You’ll feel lighter with a flatter tummy and see the weight loss on the scale the next morning.

Colonic Hydrotherapy With Alkaline Water in Melbourne

Colon hydrotherapy: Is it risky/harmful?
How is our treatment safe?

  • Sessions conducted by qualified professional therapists
  • Use of premium equipment
  • Slow and gentle process of introducing filtered water into the colon
  • Private and comfortable session
  • You are in control the entire time and can stop and start the session as you feel comfortable

Colon cleanse is a natural treatment and is designed to make you look and feel better. The therapy makes use of filtered water to free the colon of build-up of toxins and wastes. The process encompasses a range of benefits and offers an effective way to improve assimilation of nutrients from food without the use of drugs. Our Clinic for colon hydrotherapy in Melbourne uses the latest colon hydrotherapy equipment and certified colon hydrotherapist to make sure you have the best colonic experience possible in Melbourne … want proof? … check out our google reviews 🙂

Colon Hydrotherapy when conducted in a professional Clinic with Certified Colon Hydrotherapist is extremely safe. The procedure is very gentle. We use only warm filtered water. The tube is very small and you can insert it yourself. The tube only has to go past the tip of your bottom and we only use gravity fed water – so there is no pressure.

Colon hydrotherapy is an alternative treatment for those who have tried much gentler options like laxatives, probiotics, and exercise to clean the bowel and eliminate old waste. Colon hydrotherapy needs to be conducted by a trained hydrotherapist in a medical clinic. At Colonic Care all our therapist are ICHTA Certified and members of the International Colon Hydrotherapy Association.

    Colonic Hydrotherapy in a Discrete and Comfortable Environment

    Here at Colonic Care, we believe in the power of natural therapies and can assist in boosting the natural ability of your body to heal. A healthy colon is particularly important, and colon hydrotherapy offers the best way to enhance your overall health and wellness. Colon hydrotherapy benefits are many, and whether you are young or old, male or female, we ensure you will get the best results from it.


    Why Choose Colonic Care?

    At Colonic Care, the comfort and well-being of our clients is most important. We are passionate about providing colonic hydrotherapy in a relaxed and supportive environment. All clients are treated with respect and dignity as we assure one of a kind experience! Our empathetic outlook towards customer service makes us the most trusted company for colon hydrotherapy in Melbourne.

    We have wide experience and make use of the latest techniques and equipment to give your digestive health the boost it needs. If you are dealing with any of the following symptoms, we encourage you to try our therapy to experience the difference

    • Constipation
    • Weight issues
    • Bloating
    • Low energy
    • Indigestion
    • Skin problems

    At Colonic Care, we have various packages to choose from and you can be sure that the therapy will help in reshaping the colon. The concept of Colon Hydrotherapy is not new and has been used for centuries. Give us a call today to chat with a colon hydrotherapist about what treatments or packages are right for you. 

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