Colonic Packages

  • DETOX SPECIAL - 4 Coffee Colonics with Ozone and Coffee Implant $480

    Wanting to give colonics a go for the first time? This package is for those who want to test the wasters and find out just how amazing they can feel with a clean colon. -- 4 Colonic Irrigation Sessions with Ozone Treatment and Coffee Implants -- Only $400 (save $320)

  • IMMUNITY PACK - 4 Colonics with Ozone Treatments, Vitamin C and Colloidal Silver Infusions $480

    Wanting to Boost your Immune system? This is the pack for you. - 4 Colonics with Ozone Treatments, Vitamin C and Colloidal Silver Infusion -- Only $400 (Save $320)


    10 sessions within 30 days You are serious about change and transforming your health. Book in for 10 sessions and have one of our ICHTA Certified Colon Hydrotherapist support you the entire way to achieve your health goals. (Payment Plan Available $200 per week for 5 weeks)

  • CLEANSE PACK $1600

    10 Ozone Colonics with coffee implants, 10 infrared Saunas, Guided Juice Cleanse , Guided Gallbladder Flush (Payment Plan Available: $200 a week for 7 weeks)

Holistic Care Appointments

  • Holistic Care Appointment $220

    1 hour in a private Holistic Care Appointment with one of our Multi Modality Trained Practitioners. Can be done in clinic or via phone/webchat

Infrared Sauna

  • Single Sauna Session $60

    1 hour in a private Infrared Sauna with Himalayan crystal salts. Towels, robe, alkaline water, coconut water and Skin Purification Treatment provided.

  • Package of 10 Infrared Saunas $500
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