Can Colonic Cleanse Improve Overall Health?

Having digestive system issues reflect what’s happening inside your body. When you have a healthy gut, you have a stronger immune system, improved mood, and effective digestion. The natural cycles of our digestive system slow down as we age and don’t work as well. According to Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist Gerard Mullin, M.D., you are less likely to experience damaging inflammation when the gut health is good.

There was a time that our digestive system was considered a simple part of the body that is comprised of one long tube for the food to pass through, be digested and then excreted. However, growing studies show the connection between gut health and skin conditions, endocrine disorders, mood, mental health, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

Our body can take a beating from the many factors of our daily lives. These factors include poor sleep quality, high-stress levels, and bad diet among others. As a result, the brain, heart, immune system, hormone levels, weight and our ability to absorb nutrients are affected. On top of following a healthier lifestyle, doing colonic irrigation can help the digestive system.

What is colonic irrigation?

Colonic irrigation is also known as colonic hydrotherapy involving the use of water to flush fecal matters out of the large intestine. The colon absorbs water and salts from waste materials that traveled through the body. A trained professional with the right equipment performs the 45-minute procedure. During the procedure, a hydrotherapist will insert a tube into your rectum and flush about 16 gallons of water through the colon. Some practitioners use other substances mixed into the water to detoxify the colon and rinse the bacteria encrusted around the colon. If you have gut issues, you are likely to have more than 5 kilograms of waste material sitting on the colon.

Although colonic cleanse sounds similar to an enema, the two have distinct features. Enemas can be carried out at home using a one-time infusion whilst the colonic hydrotherapy is done by a trained hygienist using special equipment and various substances.

How can colonic cleanse impact wellbeing?

Colonic cleanse may sound uncomfortable but it is safe and effective. The practice of colonic irrigation is dated back to the ancient Egyptians or approximately 3,500 years ago. Removing fecal matter encrusted around the colon improves overall health. Practising hydrotherapy is based on an ancient theory that the body poison itself by storing fecal materials. Besides promoting gastrointestinal health, colonic cleanse can:

Minimise the risk of colon cancer and other diseases

The toxins inside the body can cause chronic diseases including cancer if they aren’t removed quickly from the organs. Removing the stagnant body waste and toxins in the body reduces the risk of developing polyps, cysts, and cancer growth.

Prevent constipation and promotes regular bowel movement

People who have constipation may benefit from colonic hydrotherapy. Your body’s digestive response slows down and becomes sluggish when you are constipated. As a result, the waste material stays longer in the digestive system, increasing the chances of irritations, inflammation and illnesses. Colonic hydrotherapy decreases the risk of developing digestive issues as well as prevents constipation.

Increase energy

Getting rid of the toxins from your body redirects your energy usually spent on forcing waste through the colon to other parts of your body. Those who’ve undergone colonic cleanse reported having a better mood, more restful sleep and improved blood circulation.

Improve body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients

You can lose focus when your body cannot absorb vitamins and nutrients well. The buildup of toxins in the colon can keep the body from getting what it needs to function. Colonic irrigation can help shift your focus and make you feel alert.

Improve whole-body wellbeing

Foods that block the colon from the colon, leading to general malaise in the body. Eventually, the tissues in the colon become inflamed, minimising their ability to do their job. Colonic hydrotherapy gets rid of the colon waste and fecal matter. As a result, it gives feelings of lightness, improved energy, and wellbeing.

Is colonic irrigation safe?

Colonic hydrotherapy is safe and effective but people with certain conditions should take caution. These conditions include diverticulitis, anal fissures, haemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel disease, and other conditions that affect the anus or bowel. If you want to undergo colonic hydrotherapy, get it from a qualified and certified hydrotherapist with the right equipment.

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