The Impact of Colonic Irrigation on Overall Health

One in five people in Australia is constipated. Constipation is a very common health problem that may be temporary yet painful and uncomfortable. For most people, it is normal to skip going to the loo multiple days in a row. Constipation is technically defined as having fewer than three bowel movements in a week. However, the frequency of bowel movements varies from individual to individual. Your bowel movement is unique and normal as long as you don’t deviate too far from your pattern.

Nevertheless, if it takes a long time before you move your bowel, it becomes hard to pass stool. Other symptoms of constipation include:

  • Bloating and flatulence
  • Nausea
  • Passing small, hard poos
  • Going to the toilet less frequently
  • Painful bowel movement

Improving your digestive health is an effective way to manage constipation if it’s a temporary issue. Gut health plays an important role in our overall health and well-being. Numerous studies pointed out the links between gut health and the immune system, mental health, mood, skin conditions, and autoimmune diseases.

Importance of Gut Health

The gut bacteria or gut microbiome refers to the microorganisms in the body. About 70% of the human immune system is made up of gut bacteria. The gut microbiome balances our mood, maintains a healthy weight, and ensures the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. Having a variety of good bacteria in the gut can improve the immune system functions, enhance symptoms of depression, and deliver plenty of other benefits.

The entire body suffers when gut health is compromised. Many aspects of life including high-stress levels, poor sleep quality, poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle put a strain on our gut health. As a result, you may experience digestive problems including abdominal pain, loose stools, constipation, bloating, heartburn, and vomiting. Furthermore, it may also affect other aspects of our health including the heart, brain, immune system, skin, hormone levels, and the ability to absorb nutrients.

Role of colonic irrigation to the gut health

Colonic irrigation, colon hydrotherapy or colonic cleanse is a procedure that can boost gut health. This procedure involves rinsing the colon with water to expel the toxin build-up and mucous plagues in the body. During colonic irrigation, a professional hygienist inserts a tube into the rectum while you lie on a table. A large amount of water is flushed through the tube to rinse the colon. The water is released through the colon in a similar way to moving a bowel.

Undergoing colon hydrotherapy is safe when done by a certified hygienist using FDA approved equipment. Colonic care has International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (ICHTA) certified hydrotherapist and members of the International Colon Hydrotherapy Association. We only use gravity-fed water so there is no pressure. We use premium equipment as we slowly and gently introduce filtered water into the colon.

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Colonic cleanse offers tons of health benefits besides improving gut health. People with gut problems are likely to have more than 5 kilograms of fecal matter sitting on their colon. Through colonic hydrotherapy, the fecal wastes are removed from the colon. A colonic cleanse can offer these benefits:

Assist the digestive systemColonic irrigation clears the digestive system as it pushes through the waste.

Maintains regular bowel movement – The digestive response can get sluggish when you have constipation. As a result, waste stays longer in the digestive health, thereby increasing the risk of health issues including hemorrhoids.

Improves energy and concentration – Getting rid of the waste build up in the body channels the energy used to force the waste through the intestines to other aspects of the body. A healthy gut can also keep you focused. People who had colonic therapy reported restful sleep and energy boost.

Minimises Toxicity – The gastrointestinal system, liver and kidney process the food, drink and other toxins that we breathe and absorb through our skin. If these toxins aren’t expelled efficiently in the body, it can damage your health. Expelling the waste from the body reduces the causes of cysts and cancerous growth in the digestive system.

Improves nutrient absorption – A cleansed colon creates a clear path for essential nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The Bottomline

Besides these, a colonic cleanse can help in weight management, improve fertility, and maintain the pH balance in the bloodstream. The gentle massage of a hydrotherapist can help reshape the colon back to its original healthy state. For people experiencing gas, bloating, constipation and other digestive issues, their colon may be misshaped, and prone to waste buildup. Colonic irrigation supports digestive health and improves overall health. Gut health impacts a great portion of our overall health. Hence, we must look after our gut health for holistic well-being. A colonic cleanse is a safe and effective method to support gut health. Contact us today to learn more about colonic irrigation.

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