Colonics Will Destroy Your Gut Bacteria

Image result for microbiome THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR MICRO BIOME AND COLONIC IRRIGATION  BY CINDY CERECER   “Colonics will destroy your gut bacteria!” – I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this. Most people hear this from a friend, doctor, or alternative health practitioner — you know what the problem with that is?– NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE HAVE EVER HAD A COLONIC!! True story – you tell your bestie that you want to try a colonic and next thing you know … they are a gut health expert! So as a real gut health expert – I’m here to drop some major truth bombs! 1. No-one knows (EVEN YOUR DOCTOR!!) exactly what the biome is – and trying to measure all the different strains of bacteria is a complete waste of time and money. Gut Health is HUGE! everybody is talking about it and so many practitioners these days are blaming the root cause of so many issues on gut health. They are right! Gut Health is super important and a clean gut is the foundation for good health … however unfortunately this is the only thing that they are right about. The biome is so incredibly complex there is no way any one can fully understand the intricacy of it. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOOD BACTERIA OR BAD BACTERIA – the concept is simply too reductive. There are billions of different strains of bacteria all over our bodies that all live synergistically with one another.  So yes, you may have some strain of batceria in your gut – but you might have another strain . that balances it out – thats why some people have a particular bacteria and horrible symptoms and other people with the same bacteria live happily ever after completely symptom free. A perfect example of this is Bloastocystis. Blasto is a highly contagious and and extremely resilient fungus that 50% of the population have in their gut – chances are – if you live with somebody who has blasto – you’ll have it too. BUT only 50% of people who have this parasite are symptomatic. IBS is very common symptom for people with Bloastocystis. So how does 25% of the population have it and have no symptoms? There are a few reasons;
  • we can have billions of strains of bacteria in our gut but their populations might remain dormant or low because of what we eat and our environment.
  • other colonies of bacteria/fungi may balance out other strains
So in other words, we don’t actually really understand what all these different types of bacteria do or how they work together – so simply trying to catalogue them with these biome tests and say that this one is a good one and that one is a bad one is pretty much a waste of time and money. Also a waste of time and money is isolating on specific type of bacteria and taking it orally over and over again for months with no result — (but that’s a whole other blog post about why probiotics are bullshit) 2. Colonics are warm water – nothing else – so if you want to remove bacteria from your dirty chopping board with warm water – go ahead, but do you think it will work? So for anyone who ACTUALLY KNOWS what colonics are, they will know that all it does is put a bit of warm water up your bottom. You don’t need a science degree to know that you can’t kill bacteria with warm water – GOOD OR BAD! – What colonics do is remove old feacal matter that is stuck inside the colon. Stuff that has been stuck there for years and that your body cannot get out on it’s own. (Yes we all have poo stuck inside us even if you poo everyday – if you don’t believe me do our 10 colonics in 30 days challenge and if you aren’t amazed but the amount of  poop that comes out i’ll refund your money.) But yeah … Colonics get rid of old poop – old poop is a breading ground for bacteria that is there to help break that poop down – that bacteria isn’t necessarily “bad” but it can cause issues such as bloating, smelly farts and other health issues. Don’t believe me? – The Japanese have proven it – here is a link to a Japanese study – You’re welcome. 3. The quickest (and probably only) way to change your gut bacteria is to change WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH – NOT UP YOUR BUM! The bacteria in your gut will be a directly related to what you are (or aren’t) eating.  I hate to break it to you but there is not magic pill or procedure that will make your unhealthy habits disappear. If there was – nobody would be unwell. A healthy gut thrives on water and fibre. so to change your biome you need to change what you are eating. Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables is the number one thing you can do to change your gut bacteria. When you combine dietary changes with colonics it is amazing! You will get result fast and feel fabulous. My final argument is … that if colonics destroy your biome … my biome would be FAAAARRRRRKED! I have done colonics regularly for the past 12 years. I would be getting sick all the time, have no mental focus and feel like SHIT! – However, the result is the absolute opposite – I feel amazing! I never get sick and honestly believe it’s because I look after my colon. Any more questions feel free to reach out to me 🙂
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