Why You Should Never Get A Cheap Deal for a Colonic Irrigation.

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I’ve been wanting to write this blog for a while. After 10 years int he industry I am ready to spill the beans about the Colonic Irrigation Industry.

I get phone calls all the time asking me if I will price match deals that other clinics may be running either independently or through Groupon, Facebook, Instagram etc. Some are so ridiculously cheap, there is NO WAY I could price match them even if I wanted to.  (I even know of a clinic that way giving clients their first session for free. WTF!?). Every time I get one of these phone calls asking me to price match I launch into this exact same speech about why you might NOT want to opt for a budget bum flush and why it is probably better to find a clinic and a therapist that you resonate and feel comfortable with instead of trying to save an extra $30.

After 10 years, as you can imagine … I’ve seen it all;  the Good, the Bad and the downright STUPID. I have personally treated thousands of clients, and yes, I do hear people’s HORROR STORIES of colonic experiences they have had at other clinics. Do your research, check Goole reviews make sure your clinic is registered with a Colon Hydrotherapy Association like ICHTA and make sure you ask 1000000 questions and feel satisfied with the therapist’s ability to answer them and address your concerns over the phone before you waste your time, or worse, risk your health and safety.

The number 1 reason why you don’t want a cheap colonic is because IT IS A MEDICAL PROCEDURE! – you’re not going to scour the internet to see where you can get the cheapest nose job, circumcision,  or even the cheapest piercing or tattoo …. so why would you look for the cheapest colonic?

I know very few people who have decided to become a colon hydrotherapist because they wanted to rip people off or become super-duper rich. Most (if not all) people who become Colon Hydrotherapist is because they love the therapy, have experienced amazing benefits themselves, and then want to go on to help others. However, at the end of the day, a business is a business and you need to have the right figures to make sure your business model is sustainable. As a clinic owner, I know these figures and I can tell you in all honesty … If a clinic is providing a colonic for less than $100 they are cutting corners to make it cheaper. These are the 2 main areas where they will cut corners to give you a cheaper clacker cleanse.

Non-Certified and Untrained Staff

Certification, Insurance and Training is expensive! So to give you your cheap deal on a colon – MANY clinics simply don’t train their staff! …. TRUE STORY! – So make sure you ask your therapist, are you certified? where did you certify and are you practising with insurance? – Why is this so important? – Because although colonics may seem like a simple and low-risk procedure (which they are – comparative to brain surgery) there are still contraindications, medications that may interfere with your treatment and things we need to look out for to make sure your Colonic is comfortable and effective.

When staff aren’t trained properly they don’t pick up on the little things that an experienced therapist will see. This can honestly be the difference between a fantastic session or you deciding that colonics are not for you and that you don’t want to try them again.

Also one of the biggest differences between a properly trained colon hydrotherapist or just someone paid to sit at a desk and show you through to your room is that properly trained Colon Hydrotherapists KNOW HOW TO GET YOU THE RESULTS THAT YOU WANT! – Nobody just wakes up and decides they want to do a colonic for no reason. Everyone has a motivation for coming in for a session – it might be something simple – like curiosity and just wanting to try it out, you might have just overindulged a little and want a bit of a flush. Some people want to loose weight, or have a fitness goal they are working towards, others have chronic constipation or a more serious health concern that they are hoping it will help with. Either way, a properly trained therapist will sit down with you, talk to you about the reason why you want to try colonics and help you map out a plan of attack to really help you shift your health and get you results that you want.

I see soooooo many clients that have literally wasted thousands of dollars on colonics because their therapist hasn’t spaced their sessions correctly. Don’t get me wrong, any colonic is a good colonic. But instead of suggesting an intensive treatment to reset the digestive system fixing the person’s gut so that they digest properly and feel great, they have literally done one session a week for YEARS! This has helped with the symptoms but it has never fixed the problem. I literally got off the phone yesterday with a lady who used to attend another clinic every week for the past 5 years. (That clinic was undercharging and has consequently closed down, – why? because when you undercharge, you can’t pay your overheads, and business becomes unsustainable.) anyway …. she called me and was like “I genetically have a really bad gut so I have to have colonics all the time … can you do me the same cheap price as my old clinic?” — So what did I do? … I told her the truth. – The reason why your gut doesn’t work is that your Colon Hydrotherapist doesn’t know what they are doing. – They have done you a complete dis-service and THEY are the ones that have been charging you too much! Sure their session may have been a little cheaper … but after 5 years of seeing them … THEY HAVEN’T HELPED YOU WITH YOUR GUT PROBLEMS!!

There is a reason why the tagline of Colonic Care is Natural Solutions for Digestive Health … it’s because I honestly believe that colonies, when administered properly actually help SOLVE health problems in the body.  You need to understand how the body works, how colonics work and how you can combine the two to get the results you need. You ARE NOT going to get this information from somebody who is being paid $25 per hour to clean colonic machines. You need a fully certified colon hydrotherapist who is passionate about health and wellness and walks their talk  — Here’s a good tip — ask your colon hydrotherapist when they had their last colonic … if it was more than a week ago … they aren’t walking their talk. – then ask them what is the best way to do colonics … if they say anything less that 10 sessions in 30 days — they have no idea what they are talking about and are going to waste your time. 

All my staff and FULLY CERTIFIED COLON HYDROTHERAPISTS, FULLY INSURED and MEMBERS OF A COLON HYDROTHERAPY ASSOCIATION. – This, unfortunately, is extremely rare.  – but honestly — check out reviews —  there is a reason why we have so many 5 star reviews compared to other clinics. Reviewing a colon hydrotherapy clinic is a funny thing. I am so grateful for all the clients that have reviewed us. I mean going online and telling the world you were just at a colon clinic is not something that everybody would love to do, but when people are super happy with the service and feel comfortable and supported throughout the process they want to make sure others make the right choice when choosing what clinic to go to.

The Amount of Time and Attention You Receive 

Here’s the next big difference, the amount of time and attention you receive in your session. Now I get it – a lot of people want privacy when having a colonic and don’t necessarily want a therapist knocking on the door every 5 minutes. A good therapist will know exactly what you need and adjust accordingly for you and your session.

There is a clinic not too far from me that does sessions for $70! – how do they do that!? – I will tell you how. They use a technique that I call “bums on beds” – get em in roll em out and keep em coming. It’s a numbers game. They pay one “therapist” a low hourly rate to manage 3 beds (which in my opinion is very tricky and unless the therapist is highly experienced it can even be dangerous), have 3 machines booked back to back and they get you in and out of the room in 45 minutes. No time for eye contact, conversation “How are you?, How was your session?” – just in, out and goodbye.

Why is it dangerous? Because unless you have had hundreds of colonics and are super duper connect with your body and understand how it works, you need to be monitored during a session. Maybe not much, but you still need to be checked every now and then, because every colonic is different, the deeper we go with the cleanse the more you will release and detox. Some people feel a little flustered, hot, crampy or uncomfortable. This is ok, and you are fine, and there is nothing wrong – but having a therapist reassure you that you are doing well, that mild cramping is normal and perhaps adjusting the equipment or bring you and extra heat pack is the difference between you enjoying your session and completely hating it.  Running 3 clients at 45 minutes each doesn’t give the therapist enough time to check on clients properly. If the clinic you book in with has 3 machines – ask them how many therapists they have working at one time. – if it’s only 1 – they are cutting corners. 

Also, 45 min isn’t enough to explain to a new client how the equipment works. They don’t explain what’s going on or what the machine is doing. They just turn it on and shut the door. At my clinic, a client will never be left alone unless they have been shown how to turn the machine on and off by themselves. It’s super simple, but it gives you back the control. If you get a little crampy in a session you can simply turn the water flow off, have a break and then turn it back on when you are ready. You want a clinic to allocate about 90 min for your appointment. If not, you’re getting a dodgy deal. 

DIY Make-Shift Equipment

The last and probably most alarming reasons why clinics can offer cheap colonics is because their equipment either isn’t legit or isn’t properly maintained. Colonic Machines are Medical Equipment – so they are expensive, and their parts are expensive. I have seen so many DIY and back yard colonic rigs in my time – it’s disgusting. if you don’t mind using someones homemade clacker cleanser – then fine … but I personally only want the best, medical-grade devices and parts for my colon, and for my clients – so there is no way I’m skimping on machine maintenance.

So how much should you pay for a single colonic? – Honestly, anything under $100 is a no go! – it’s just too cheap – so there will be some shifty business going on in that clinic FOOOOORRR SUUUURE! – around $125-$140 is a fair price. I mean a massage these days is $120 and they aren’t using any equipment and don’t need to follow any sanitation procedures – so it doesn’t make sense to get a colonic for cheaper than that.  Most clinics will have packs available that will make a series of session a little cheaper – and Colonic Care also has payment plans to make treatments more accessible. however, like my dad always says … “if you pay peanuts … you’ll get a monkey!”

If you’re an amazing, certified colon hydrotherapist with a fricking awesome clinic and are you charging less than this … it’s time to put your prices up! Undercharging is the biggest dis-service to the industry that colon hydrotherapist can do. It makes the procedure devalued, miss-understood and downright dangerous.  Cheap colonics are the reason why there is so much bullshit about colon hydrotherapy on the internet. People not doing things properly and not following procedure just to make money are the reason why doctors don’t recommend us and people freak out about something they have read online. As a Colon Hydrotherapist, you have a duty of care to your clients and to yourself to maintain the highest level of excellence in your practice to ensure amazing results for your clients and sustainability for the industry.

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